Major Lazer x Tuborg Beat

Major Lazer in studio for Tuborg beat

Since 1880, Tuborg has been enabling collaboration and discovery across the globe. 

Today is no different. For the next chapter in our musical quest Major Lazer have created the Tuborg Beat, which we’ve sent off to travel the world, serving as a basis to inspire many other artists.

The beat itself is produced by Major Lazer: the global dance superstars known from international smash hits such as “Cold Water,” “Light It Up” and “Lean On.” Their beat has been passed on to artists all over the world who, inspired by their respective hometowns, will create their own song: whether it’s by mixing it with a sitar or blending it with bagpipes. Collaboration is the name of the game. Producer and DJ Diplo explains:

"People are enveloped in a global culture now. So they're reacting, and not just looking within for inspiration. It's a constant conversation between America, China, India, Russia—through hip-hop, rock and roll or dance hall. In every one of these places there's a small scene happening, and kids are learning and creating new things. It's cool to be a part of that, and these are some of the biggest emerging markets, as far as music is concerned."