J-Ax and Fedez X Sergio Sylvestre

Sergio Sylvestre for TUborg Open

Sergio Sylvestre was born and bred in Los Angeles, California. 4 years ago, he fell under the spell of the magic nights at Samsara, the beach in Salento, Puglia, which is famous for its magic parties, and moved to Italy. Since the summer of 2014, Sergio has become the iconic voice of the summer in Gallipoli and one of the most original figures to appear recently on the Italian music scene

Since the very beginning of his career, he has collaborated with many artists and across the most diverse genres, from pop to rock, to gospel, rap and Rhythm'n'Blues. He has trained his voice under the guidance of Lydia Mouton, vocal coach for, among the others, Michael Jackson and Solange Knowles.

Sergio is a giant both for his height (almost 6.9”) and for his great voice and performances. His first Ep “Big Boy” from 2016, has been certified gold record. He has released a new album last February 12th, 2017.

Tuborg has borrowed Sergio’s powerful voice and the signature production style of J-Ax and Fedez duo to create a big summer hit "Turn it up", based on Major Lazer’s beat. You can listen to the track here: 

Listen to his music here.

We’re happy to work on a project like Tuborg Open, because what Major Lazer are doing is having an impact on pop worldwide. We’ve worked on producing the beat proposed in our style, trying to bring our own slant to it.

J-Ax and Fedez

Follow Sergio and his collaboration with Tuborg Open on Facebook @sergiosylvestremusic and Instagram @sergiosylvestreofficial.

Sergio Sylvestre with Tuborg